Checking in w/ @PhotoDustin 4/2/15 show

Dustin Wissmiller @PhotoDustin joins Marie & Barry and discuss Marie’s time on the local news, our April Fools prank stories & homeowner woes, pet photography, Marie’s book update (it’s coming out … Monday), Barry bothers Madonna and other photography etiquette, we’ll be live from the Spreaker booth in Las Vegas at the New Media Expo inside The National Association of Broadcasters Convention 4/14 12-4pst, lots of poo puts baby in sink, we tell you about may 1st, Dustin tells us about a movie we should watch called “Chef” with Jon Favreau, and we play a brand new song from Three Days Grace.

‘Sunday Radio Address’ 3/29/15

The show starts with a classic moment from October 2013 with Save Ferris, and we spend Sunday morning catching up with Steven Hartman and their distain for the editing process, and we all decide to go mall walking. Marie watched “Legend” and Steven watched “Nightcrawler” and “Dumb and Dumber To” and we take bets on when we will see a junior funk and other sequels. We’re introduced to James Corden, new host of the Late Late show and we talk Walking Dead prequel companion series title and Barry’s iHeartRadio Music Awards shirt selfie. Marie’s going out for a walk, and we’re played out by Miranda Lambert. We’re here because you’re there, thanks.



#TGIF 3/27/15 show

**NOTE** show is in 2 parts due to technical issue.

Classic Tiffany Granath calls from the old days open the show, then Tiffany joins us from Phoenix and all this talk about heat causes a treacherous computer freeze and reboot; then we hear all about feet, special lotions and daytime tv while Tiff soaks her toes. We get into our new producer’s schedule and whether or not Marie ate the placenta… then reality sets in when Tiffany’s in-laws come to town. Tiff finds dildos on a pest control plant magazine and we uncover some kind of kinky garden sex when is born. Things get hot and steamy when we plan sex, and we’re talking about doing something big in about a month or so. And…. (drumroll…) we get Tiffany on Skype!!!

#RadioFromHome 3/21/15 show

Show begins with a classic yip yip bit, New Producer Lily won’t sleep and Marie’s cats try to escape so we learn some nifty pet tricks. Tiffany Granath and Steven Hartman updates, too. The garden is growing baby… yeaaah. This week in sport, Zombeavers, this week’s Walking Dead shocking episode and other binge watching, and we end with Van Morrison & Steve Winwood’s new song Fire in the Belly. More updates at and


#SUNDAYFUNDAY! 3/15/15 Show

Hooray! Shark resistant wet suits have been invented! Marie transplants her favorite resillient flowers she thieved from her sister’s house, the power of social media when you’re having a bad time, free butterflies, in the future 3d printers print people parts, Harrison Ford almost lands, it’s best to be prepared for any kind of obvious disasters, Papa Roach accidentally tweets Barry as a photographer in Germany, tips for when the zombies come and news about The Walking Dead companion series, and how to pretend that you haven’t seen it for the sake of your relationship. Luke Bryan – Like We Ain’t Ever to end the show. Talk to you next time!